In first reading the brief for this first assignment I began searching news and entertainment sites for an article that would catch my eye. Something with a little spark that I feel had a wide enough scope to develop into a photo-real image to convey a meaning.

I finally came across this article, posted on concerning a woman who had her Planet Fitness Gym membership in Michigan, due to complaining about a transgender woman in the changing room. Plant Fitness describes how they “are committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for our members,” and that they have a gender identity non-discrimination policy.

This got me thinking about both transgender equality and gender identity within society.

I felt that this would be an interesting concept to investigate through a photo-real image and, if done well, could convey a powerful message to my audience about equality in today’s society.

I also feel that this is a prominent issue within New Zealand due to the recent legislation of same-sex marriage in April 2013, making gender identity and transgender equality timely issues. This makes me feel that this idea conveyed within a photo-real image could have an impact on my audience and provoke their thought process about how they think and act in society relating to these issues.

From here, I will do some research into both gender identity and transgender equality as well as imagery surrounding this issue.


5 thoughts on “Article

  1. Interesting choice of topic, I like it. The fact that the woman was “freaked out” shows that she was misinformed, intimidated, scared or whatever. But the fact that she reacted so strongly in that situation shows that she lacks understanding of what must have been at least incredibly embarrassing to the transgender woman in question. If your image can communicate the importance of understanding maybe it can help in stopping incidences like this in the future


  2. Kate Hobbs says:

    This article will make for a very interesting picture. I’m excited to see where you decide to go with this visually. I think we live in a time too advanced in most areas for this to still be an incident worthy of news. Addressing issues which are controversial like this one should make for an exciting end image and I wish you luck 🙂


  3. callumwearsservice says:

    Sounds like an interesting subject and article, visually communicating this story could be challenging but it is so relevant in this day and age that you shouldn’t be short of idea’s and inspiration.


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