Research Post 1 – Tackling the brief

As part of Justin’s class today we created a brainstorm of how we would fulfill the brief given.

We decided on the following important components,

  1. Topic – Find an article we wish to base our photo-real image around.
  2. Research – Research the article and surrounding areas, including both written research and visual elements to collect components we may wish to incorporate into out concepts.
  3. Concepts/Drafts – Complete “mock-ups” of our ideas as conceptual sketches and drawings. These are to be critiqued and built upon over the process to extend and develop our ideas.
  4. Assets – Once our final concept and design is decided on, we should begin to collect our assets. For this assignment this will include taking photographs we will use in our final static image.
  5. Production – In the production phase we are to assemble the assets we have collected into Photoshop and begin creating the final static image, This part of the process is again ongoing and should be critiqued in order to ensure the audience understands the meaning/messages behind the static image.
  6. Submission – The final submission.

Knowing and understanding this process is important in order to fulfill the brief and to go through the whole development process. Going through this development process correctly will ensure that the audience fully understands the meaning conveyed in the final submission.

The brainstorm performed in class
The brainstorm constructed in class.
Research Post 1 – Tackling the brief

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