Communication Objectives

A communication objective is the message I want to portray to the audience through my photo-real image. This is integral to this assignment as clarity of the message and the meaning behind the image is part of brief. Firstly, I will summarize what I find important in my article.

The main point that stands out to me from reading this article about the Transgender woman in a gym changing room, is that Ms Cormier states “It freaked me out” and “I was stunned and shocked” about seeing this woman. I find this in itself shocking! Personally, I thought that today’s society was a little more educated in gender identity, as well as more dignified than to vocalize thoughts like this. For me, this shows that education needs to occur around the issues of gender identity and equality in society. If people can understand, not only the transgender community but the gay, lesbian and bisexual community then perhaps situations like this could be avoided.

As well as this, I have the utmost respect for the Planet Fitness Gym for the way they handled the issue. By immediately cancelling Ms Cormier’s membership and stating that they have a “gender identity non-discrimination policy” is a step in the right direction for gender equality in today’s society.

The messages that I want to portray in my photo-real image is the struggle that the transgender woman, Carlotta Sklodowski, must feel day to day due to judgement, just like this, from society. I want to show elements of entrapment/being trapped within the body. I would like to portray this in an way that conveys not only the struggle that the transgender community feel, but the effect that this can have on them long term. Many people suffer from depression and anxiety as a result of situations like this. I would however, also like to identify that this is not just a transgender issue and that many people can be struggling with gender identity.

I would like to portray this through compositional elements, composing a male and female face in a way that will show a tearing or separation between the two. This tearing/separation is to represent the struggle which can be faced by gender identity issues. I am also toying with the idea of showing a separation between the mind and body, possibly through the use of a either tearing/separation or a shadow element. This would be to represent how the appearance of a person can differ from the gender they identify as. In terms of colour, I would like to see this image as dark, almost macabre, in order to display the horrifying truth of societies judgement. These dark colours are also to tie in with concept of dealing with depression and anxiety issues.

I want my audience to look at my photo-real image and be shocked in the fact that they may judge people by their appearance, before understanding the circumstance. This way, I hope that my audience can become more aware, possibly even educated, from the message behind my image.

Communication Objectives

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