Research 3 – The Importance of Colour

The use of colour can be important when communicating visually as it can trigger emotions and help to draw attention to certain areas of an image. In considering the image I want to achieve – wanting to portray the message of entrapment to the audience – the use of colour will be important in connecting with my viewers emotions.

In this article it is discussed how colour impacts emotions and behaviors. I will need to consider these aspects in order to ensure the correct connection/reaction is gained from my viewer. It is explained how warm colours such as red, orange and yellow evoke feelings of happiness and optimism, while increasing appetite. Cool colours such as blue, green and purple are calming but can express sadness, while sparking creativity. Colours such as black, grey, white, tan and brown are considered neutral/background colours which can be subjective. It is explained that these colours can effect each person differently, depending on their past experiences or cultural differences.

Following on from this however, this article explains how as black has a lack of light, it can appear menacing, creating the perception of seriousness.  Red is also explained to raise the pulse which can be both positive and negative. Red does however demand attention and is a powerful colour giving visual impact.

For these reasons, I will try and integrate these colours into my photo-real image as they align with my communication objectives of a menacing, serious image which demands attention.


Research 3 – The Importance of Colour

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