Conceptual Thumbnails

Here are sketches of my 5 initial concepts for my photo-real image.

11077692_907841535913349_1448662928_n1. This first thumbnail depicts a woman standing, with her over-exaggerated shadow appearing masculine. This is in order to show the difference between the gender one identifies with and that they appear as. While I like this idea, I am unsure if it shows the aspect of society’s judgement that I wanted to show.


2. My second thumbnail depicts a face which is feminine on the left-hand side and masculine on the right-hand side. There is also an element of pulling or tearing between the two sides of the face in order to represent the separation between appearance and identification, as well as the struggle that these people go through. I have also considered using this image but adding a hand grasping over the mouth in order to show the struggle of not being able to speak up about this issue.

11079680_907841529246683_175802529_n3. The idea behind the third thumbnail came from wanting to show the pain and suffering these people struggle with daily. The use of an eye I think is effective as not only can I show the teardrop, showing sadness, but often eyes are said to be the window to the soul. This could be interesting as within the pupil I have placed the symbols for male, female and transgender. I am unsure if I can use these symbols however, as this has to be a photo-real image.


4. My fourth image stemmed from the idea of visualizing the impact from society. The person is situated in the middle of the image, with shadows of hands surrounding the person, pushing/grasping towards them. This is to show the pressure from society to conform to a particular gender, as well as not feeling free to be who they are. I feel this image is more dark and menacing, possibly displaying the message I wanted to achieve better than my previous images.

11004360_907841539246682_20470131_n5. Last but not least, is possibly my favorite idea, but the drawing needs a bit of explaining! The left-hand face is a male face screaming and the right-hand face is a female face screaming, both in profile. In between these two faces is movement, as if the photo was taken on a slow shutter speed and a person turned their face from left to right. I wanted to use this idea as to me, this technique can represent the tearing, separation and struggle that I want to achieve in my image. The change from the male to female gender however is to show the two genders are in fact interchangeable. I feel that this image would be powerful if it was executed well, showing the clear change from male to female. This would also be a dark, menacing image and I could incorporate shadows from the previous thumbnail to show society’s impact as well.

Conceptual Thumbnails

One thought on “Conceptual Thumbnails

  1. I can tell you definitely put a lot of thought into your five thumbnail concepts. I really like how you came up with a variety of ideas for this article. They all have the same theme, but each very different. I think my favorite is the first idea you have of the over exaggerated woman shadow being the man. I think it would portray your article quite well because it shows the inner struggle a transgender person faces against society on a day to day basis. However, one thing I think you should include is maybe a specific struggle on the person’s face to show that they are visibly distraught. Great job so far!


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