Research 4 – Slow Shutter Speed in Action

After talking to Justin and combining ideas from my thumbnails, I have decided to progress my fifth thumbnail into my final piece. Taking the idea of the struggle and the splitting on the genders to the next level, I have developed my final thumbnail (as seen below). This rough sketch shows how now the struggle will be shown in three ways, as three different heads, two male and one female, changing direction. These faces will be showing the struggle through the use of screaming, as well as being photographed using a slow shutter speed while screaming/turning their face. This research post delves into the art of using a slow shutter speed so I can be informed before creating my assets. 11130750_915661461798023_655674195_n

This article explains that slow shutter speed can be used for two reasons – 1. to let in more light and 2. to induce blur into the image. For my assets I will be wanting to induce blur into the models faces as they scream. As well as this, it is explained how everything in the scene will blur, so for me ensuring the camera is kept still (use of a tripod) while the model moves, will be vital to achieve the look I am after.

This article explains very good points about conveying motion and the amount of intended blur through slow shutter speed.  Firstly, the speed at which the subject moves will effect the amount of blur captured. Secondly, the direction of motion can effect the image – moving side to side can be more effectively captured then moving back to front. And lastly, magnification and the way the subject occupies the frame can effect the amount blur created.

Overall, it seems that experimentation with my model on the day will be the best way to achieve the shots I am envisioning.


Research 4 – Slow Shutter Speed in Action

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