Source Photos

I have recently taken my photos for this assignment which, as predicted, needed a bit of experimentation with my models in order to find the right shutter speed and speed of the movement of their faces etc. My models were more then accommodating and my photos have turned out well! I ended up taking a lot of photos due to the trial and error way of shooting, however I have managed to select the best images which I will include below. There are still quite a few images, this is due to not knowing the exact direction of the faces I will need until I begin placing the images into a Photoshop document, being able to see which are more visually dynamic.

I began with stills of my models screaming as these may come in handy for the base of my image.



Following this we began using a slow shutter speed to capture the motion blur as the models struggled in different directions.

IMG_7723 IMG_7727 IMG_7741 IMG_7756 IMG_7764 IMG_7775

I’m pleased how the blur and struggle was captured, but I will need to recap/research different ways to cut out/erase parts of an image as I may need to erase the shoulders of the models in order to show just the head struggle, making them more easily editable into one ‘photo-real’ image.

As well as this, I need to decide whether I want the main gender to be male or female as I feel one should dominate the image more than the other.

I’ve got some thinking to do and some playing around in Photoshop to find out what will work! I’ll keep you posted.

Source Photos

2 thoughts on “Source Photos

  1. Phoebe your photos are looking so good! Exactly what I had pictured from your description of what you wanted your image to look like too! It looks like you’d have to use a mixture of the shutter speed blur photos and some photo shop liquifying (or the likes) of still photos to be able to make the image look not ‘cut out’. This idea shows really well, and very simply, the messages in your article. Can’t wait to see further progress!


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