Research 5 – Photoshop Editing

In beginning to put my assets into Photoshop, I have had to recap some simple aspects of what we learnt in tutorials.

Firstly, this article helped me recap how to make a layer mask in order to ensure I am editing in a non-destructive way which is essential in keeping my assets whole (in case I need to go back!)

Once I had all my images overlayed in a Photoshop document I needed to recap how to change opacity levels of different layers. This is essential in creating the visual impact I want to achieve due to the overlaying the multiple faces I have chosen to use. This article helped my to achieve this.

I also needed to recap how to blend the layers together to help my image look like one. This article explains how to do this by erasing part of an image (through a layer mask). This was very helpful as once I overlayed all my images into the one document and adjusted the opacity, I needed to erase parts of certain images in order to show just the struggle/blur from each photo, rather than the initial head position as well. Using this erasing method was easier than cutting out or selecting parts of the images due to the blur and movement that was captured in my photographs.

Lastly, I recapped how to use the blending modes in Photoshop in order to blend all my layers together to look like one ‘photo-real image.’ This article helped me with that, and is great as it also explains what each blending mode achieves! I still had to play around with these however to see what worked best visually.

I’m still playing around with my image in Photoshop and editing in different ways to see what works best.

Research 5 – Photoshop Editing

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