So here is my progress so far…

mock up one

I have achieved this by layering these images within a Photoshop document and altering the opacity and blending modes. I have also had to cut out/blend together the face layers in order to make them visually dynamic.

I chose to have the males face more prominent and the other faces blurred as if he is struggling with both of the personas he could identify with. I wonder if I could play around with colour saturation in order to make him stand out a bit more? Perhaps the personas could be black and white?

I wonder if the three personas are enough? But I don’t want to over do it and the frame become too full – negative space is my friend.

As well as this, I may need to ask Justin about how I can cut these out and layer them in a better way. I do however like that the blur cuts diagonally across the males face as if he is being torn apart through this inner battle.

I’ve got some more thinking and playing around to do.


One thought on “Progress

  1. I think that no matter what your final image is going to be it’s going to portray your notion extremely well. I know that you had doubts about your concept being to cryptic, and the only thing that I could say that might make it easier for the viewer to conceptualise is having the other faces stand out a bit more (despite you saying you want them to be weak). My reason for saying that is because I really had to look closely at the two figures on the left before I could distinguish them as faces and not whisps of smoke! Love your concept and looking forward to seeing it finished.


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