Here are my five most constructive comments:

Hi Molly! Looking at your thumbnails I really love your second thumbnail and the use of scale with the stapler. I find this a really creative way of showing workplace bullying and the article you have chosen. Thinking a bit more abstractly, this concept also shows the idea of ‘pressures’ of society due to the pressure used to push down the stapler. This underlying meaning I feel gives a deeper meaning to your image and wider links to society. I’m really excited to see how your creative concepts come together!

Caitlin – I really love your concept and how you have chosen to portray your article and the effects of sugar on the brain. The use of the syringe and needle work really well together to show this as an addiction! The addition of the bruising one the models forearm would really enhance this idea, however will this possible and realistic looking through Photoshop? The bright colours and placement of the donuts and sweets in the image is great as it captivates the viewer and portrays your idea well. I definitely agree with your comment about the syringe in your models hands and perhaps using a different image would give a more realistic approach – more ‘photo-real.’ I would also watch the continuity with your image – does your model have legs? Great work though, I can’t wait to see your further progress!

Hi Loretta! I just love your concepts! You are clearly a very creative person as each of your thumbnails differ greatly and that is awesome! Each of your concepts portray your idea well however my favourite is the fourth thumbnail using the hour-glass. For me, the use of the hour-glass shows the concept of time excellently! When considering the Earth and sustainability the idea of time and running out of time is very prominent as going the way we are, our Earth will not last forever. The way you have the soil turning to oil and the change from bright to gloomy definitely portrays your concept visually. But will this be hard to manipulate together within the hourglass? This is a very powerful image but my only concern would be keeping it ‘photo-real’ as the brief asks for. I can’t wait to see your progress!

Hey Marika. This looks fantastic! I love the editing you have done so far, you have clearly put a lot of effort into selecting around the leaves and book pages. I feel this clearly displays your idea of the trees from the forest being made into books, and the way the tree  is coming out of the book is a really creative way to show this. It almost reminds me of fairytale storybooks! In discussing your idea with you in person, I know you are adding more trees and bookshelves in order to display this idea further. My feedback would be just to ensure that your main book and tree doesn’t get ‘lost’ within the space. Perhaps brighten this ever so slightly in order to ensure the viewers eye is attracted there? Or even bring it forward in the space to make sure it is the most prominent feature within your image. Overall however, this is looking great!

Hi Erika. I find your image really powerful in terms of relating back to your article – it clearly shows smartphones and technology being like a drug, an addiction, to society. I really like the way you have used movement on the cap of the pill bottle as if its falling as the phones spill out. I like the use of negative space which I feel makes your image all the more eye catching, however I think you should do a mock up with the extra hand to compare which would be more effective. My only feedback would be to watch the size and proportions of your elements. Perhaps the phones could be a little bigger as at the moment they are a bit hard to define. However if you enlarge these, will this throw out the proportion of everything else – pill bottle and hand? Just something to keep in mind as you will want them to all be in proportion! Great work though, can’t wait to see the finished product!


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