Image Analysis

Breaking down my image, I have portrayed the main male in the center with his three ‘personas’ struggling in differing directions behind him. This is to portray the idea of struggling with gender identity. In analysing what I have produced, I find this image very powerful in being able to visually portray the struggle which these people go through. I am really happy with the way my source photos turned out as I was able to capture the blur and movement of my models well with the use of a slow shutter speed. When I overlaid my chosen assets in Photoshop and adjusted the opacity, I feel that the blur became quite eerie and gave the feeling I was hoping to achieve. I have chosen to use dark colours – black, grey and dull skin colours – as I feel that this lends itself well to this eerie feeling. I also chose to highlight and lowlight the personas in order to create depth in my image. I chose to highlight the still males face in order to both draw the viewer’s eye here, but also so the viewer can make the connection that this is the main aspect of the image – it is this man who is struggling with this issue of gender identity.

Communication Objectives

My initial article was based around a transgender woman who was discriminated against at a gym. However, the main idea I drew from the article was the issue of gender identity and I wanted to visually portray the struggle these people face. I created an image of a male screaming in frustration and anger while his three ‘personas’ can be seen screaming and struggling in different directions behind him. The way that these personas change in gender is to symbolise the way a person can identify as different genders. The idea of screaming and struggling was in order to visually show, in a dynamic way, the struggle which these people may feel, especially when discriminated against in society. I have chosen for my image to be quite dark and this is in order to represent the idea that many of these people can struggle with issues of depression and anxiety – seemingly ‘dark’ issues which we, as a society, shy away from addressing. Initially I wrote that I wanted to impact the viewer so they would change the way they felt and acted towards people struggling with gender identity. I feel that due to my image clearly portraying the ‘struggle’ that this may be possible, however I am relying on my viewer making this connection and changing the way they view the outside world.

Techniques Used

I have used non-destructive elements taught in class in order to create this image. By making each layer a smart object and editing them separately using layer masks, it gave me a greater depth of control over my images as I was able to adjust the blur and what I wanted to erase. In class we learnt a lot about how to select and deselect parts of an image through erasing it via a layer mask. This became integral to my image in order to layer the faces. As well as this, the adjusting of opacity not only of the images themselves, but the brush to erase with, became very important to me as I needed to blend the images together to become one.

Overall, in analysing my final image I feel that my communication objectives are clearly displayed through my ‘photo-real’ image.


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