Creating an Infographic

In researching what makes an effective infographic I have been able to narrow down what I think are the most important elements to remember.

Firstly, an infographic must contain focused data. Facts show that we retain approximately 80% of what we visually interpret, however only 20% of what we read. Therefore it is important when creating an infographic that the data is both relevant and correct.

As well as this, design is important as elements such as colour scheme and layout must be cohesive in order to tie the inforgraphic together. The use of colour is discussed in depth with regard to infographics. One source explained choosing a colour palate made up of three colours can be easy on the eyes, and allow the reader’s eyes to flow down the page. It is also suggested that the lightest of these colours should be the background colour and the other two should break up the layout into sections.

Something important to remember is that infographic’s are about “show, don’t tell.” The use of typography is allowed, however the infogrpahic should not rely on this. The inclusion of images to portray ideas and data is essential, linking back to the concept that we remember 80% of what we can interpret visually. The data visualisations must also be appropriate to the theme, conveying the message at a glance.

These are all elements I must keep in mind when designing my infographic.

Creating an Infographic

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