Week 1 – Grasping an Idea

This week we were introduced to the second assignment for Visual Communication – creating an infographic.

Since reading the brief I have had many ideas wizzing around my head. I need an idea which I will be able to visually portray a “How does it work” element and one with enough content and data available to produce an interesting infographic.

I have had ideas concerning coffee, health food and healthy eating, travel and saving water. However I think my final topic decision has landed on “How does the recycling system work” as well as including statistics of the waste produced in New Zealand.

I decided on this idea as recycling and sustainability is something I am both passionate about and my house hold participates in. But this being said, it can often be done wrong and can be confusing as to what can and cannot be recycled.

As well as this, in having a quick look I can find many statistics from New Zealand sources about the amount of waste we produce and recycling procedures etc.

I also feel like this will be able to be visualised easily, using easily identifiable images of plastic bottles, rubbish bins etc. in order to display my ideas.

For now, I need to begin gathering data I will be able to use and consider a layout for my infographic.

Week 1 – Grasping an Idea

One thought on “Week 1 – Grasping an Idea

  1. Hey Phoebe, I think this is going to be an awesome idea. I feel that you could have two levels working together effectively to balance between the facts and your actual infographic. The only thing that I can sense at the moment, and this is being picky, is that hopefully you don’t end up using too many little pictures to detail the recycling process as that may make it look cluttered. But this is an awesome idea and an infographic that I think will end up being super interesting considering I love the environment and recycling 🙂


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