Composition Research

Looking into the composition of an infographic it is clear that balance is key.

The two parts of the infographic – data or information and the graphic design – should strike a balance which engages the reader. An interesting article that I have read in researching this, explains that data research is heavily important when building the foundation of your infographic and then the graphics can be built around that. It states that while the graphics may grab the attention of the viewer, the content needs to be understandable and interesting in order to gain credibility and keep the attention of the viewer. Presenting the main points in a clear and concise way is essential.

Not only is the balance of content essential, but visual balance is important as well. This is the equal distribution of visual weight, and occurs around the vertical axis of the subject. It is explained through the article that our eyes require the weight to be distributed evenly in order to appeal to our brains. When the weight is not even, or not balance via the vertical axis the effect can cause feelings of discomfort in the viewer. This can be seen through symmetrical, even placement of weight, or asymmetrical, via uneven placement of space and shape however an overall balance can be “felt.”

It is also noted through a further article, that balance can be achieved through the offset of elements. For example, the image below seems balanced due to the offset of the illustration on the left and the typography on the right. The way they have been placed together creates an overall balance. graphic-principles_balance

Composition Research

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