Week 2 – Building on Ideas and Concept Designs

This week I have been trying to collect data in order to start creating concept designs for my infographic.

I have found SO much information about recycling, waste and how to recycle (which changes in every area you are in) that I began to think my idea may be too broad.

That lead me to try and narrow down my idea. Looking at the different types of waste in landfill, plastic and food waste are the two biggest categories in New Zealand. Of these two, I have decided to look into food waste as I feel that recycling food waste can be both confusing and overlooked in today’s society.

So… my new idea will be something along the lines of “How does food recycling work”.

I intend to include some astounding statistics of food waste in New Zealand, as well how to actually recycle food waste – possibly looking into a composting system or worm farm etc.

Here are my initial concepts which all use two layer designs to break up the statistics and “How to” section.

11253870_931379943559508_821547580_nMy first deign uses a vertical layout where the top supplies the statistics of how much food wastage is produced in NZ, while the bottom is a representation of a compost bin. Inside the layers of the compost bin include what foods you can compost and what you cannot, as well as the benefits of composting.


I have also played with the layout of this same concept, trying to balance it within the page and seeing if where the information is placed gives it more importance.

While I feel that the most important piece of information should be on top, having the statistics first gives the idea of recycling food waste more relevance.


My second design is very similar to my first, however it is a horizontal layout. The left-hand side shows the statistics and the right the breakdown of what can and cannot be composted etc. I do like this layout as I feel it gives equal importance to both pieces of information.


My third layout is again similar, however instead of including components of what you can and cannot compost, it includes the actual system of burring, turning and steaming your compost until it can be used within your garden. I feel this is more of a “How to” aspect, however it may be hard to show visually.

This week I intend to finalise my concept design and begin creating it, so any feedback would be helpful!

Week 2 – Building on Ideas and Concept Designs

2 thoughts on “Week 2 – Building on Ideas and Concept Designs

  1. Hi, great topic! In terms of layout I really like your second one as I feel like the layout is balanced. I do also like the idea of having the layout in a compost bin, as I feel visually it will look really effective and you would of course understand immediately the topic which you are addressing. I also like how the last one includes burring, turning and steaming compost as like you said that gives more of a “how to” aspect. I think all of your designs have potential to look great and all include useful information. Nice work! Goodluck!


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