Colour Research

While looking into ideas of colour schemes for my infographic and what would be appropriate to use, I stumbled across this really helpful article.

The biggest tip they give is not to use too many colours! This can make the readers eye too confused and ultimately make your work not look cohesive. They explain to stick to two main colours – a clear and a bold, and then using complementary colours – possibly different shades of the two main colours chosen. There is also emphasis on not being afraid to use negative or white space!

Another good tip given is to let the content decide! By this they mean that based on the objects within your inforgraphic, the use of colours can become more meaningful, making the information easier to consume. In my instance, due to being about composting and recycling I am thinking of using different shades of greens and browns. While these may seem like boring colours, I feel that they will tie together all my information nicely.

I managed to find a colour scheme generator which after selecting your one main colour, automatically generates lots of different combinations. I ran through a couple of these to get my ideas flowing and here are a couple that I found useful.

Untitled2 Untitled

While I like these first two, I think the colours may be too neutral and do not tie in with  my idea.


This third one however, ties my ideas together wonderfully! If I can match these colours in illustrator I will have a good starting place to get my ideas flowing!

Colour Research

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