Week 3 – Moving forward

After consulting Justin this week, I have been able to chose my final concept. I have chosen the vertical design with data on one side and the “How to” aspect on the other. This was decided due to giving equal visual importance to both parts of information.

I have managed to collect relevant data to include in my inforgrpahic. For example – as a country NZ wastes $751 million a year through food wastage, that is the equivalent to $458 per household and $155 per person! In 2008 it was discovered that 44.3% of landfill was organic waste – including kitchen waste and green-waste which could have all been composted. 39% of Aucklanders claim to compost their garden waste and 31% compost their food waste!

Deciding on this idea has lead me to consider different aspects of my infographic such as colour, typography and semiotics. For colour I would like to use greens and browns, seemingly ‘organic’ colours which will tie in with my idea of recycling food waste. As for typography, I will need to think into this a little more and look into some fonts so I have a wider idea of what there is!

For now, I need to get creating!

Week 3 – Moving forward

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