Week 4 – Making Decisions

This week I haven’t made much progress on my inforgaphic itself as it is still looking pretty blank, however I have been able to make smaller, important decisions that will help me put together my overall piece.

Following on from my typography research piece, I began looking for typefaces that would lend itself well to the content of my piece – helping to set the mood of either recycling or organic produce. I was lucky enough to find three fonts on dafont.com which I have been playing around with.


I feel that these fonts all give the vibe I am looking for, being slightly ‘leafy’ themselves, looking as if they are growing slightly. The top font is my favorite as I feel it gives the most organic feeling from the three. This font I am going to use as my title in order to set the feeling for the rest of my piece. The colour shown here is also similar to what I want to use, as the dark green again gives that organic feeling.

Now that I have all the pieces that I need, next is to put the infographic together!

Week 4 – Making Decisions

2 thoughts on “Week 4 – Making Decisions

  1. I really like the first font Phoebe! I think if you paired that with a really simple font for the bulk of writing but used that for headings etc it is perfect for the theme! I found it really hard to find different fonts that worked together so that might be a challenge but if you find the right ones I think it’d look really effective, can’t wait to see it finished!


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