Illustrator Research

While creating my infograpic I have had to research certain parts of Illustrator in order to put my work together.

Mostly what caught me up was the use of the pathfinder tool. I found this tutorial here, was very helpful in explaining step by step the differences between the divide, trim, merge and crop modes.

As well as this, I needed help with the shading/colouring of some of my vector drawings in order to make them look 3D. I found this step-by-step tutorial and, very helpful with the idea of how using different colours can give depth to your vector drawings. I am working on adding depth to my images, especially the compost bins and fruit and vegetable used within my infographic. I feel that by adding depth, it gives a bit more sophistication to my drawings as well as an element of realism. The ideas are simple in that creating another shape with a slightly different shade within your drawing can give depth to it. I need to apply this to some of my work!

Illustrator Research

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