Week 5 – Infographic Progress

So this week I have been working hard on my infographic, putting the whole thing together.

It has been quite time consuming and fiddly as I had many small elements to produce.

Overall, I am happy with how it is looking and I think it displays my ‘how to’ concept well. However, I am concerned that I have too many colours. I have tried to stick to my colour scheme of dark and light green and brown, allocating colours for titles and paragraphs etc, however the colours of the foods/bins etc can’t exactly meet this colour scheme due to needing to be identifiable which is mostly done through colour recognition.

In saying that, I might work on my colour scheme a little to make to more cohesive!

I also need to work on my A8 version of this. Any feedback would be helpful!

wip ost 1

Week 5 – Infographic Progress

3 thoughts on “Week 5 – Infographic Progress

  1. I’m really loving your colour scheme! It’s super earthy and makes the whole idea really cohesive on paper. The two different columns make it aesthetically pleasing and I find there is a good balance between words and pictures. However, just a few design things I can see that I would change would be making the recycle logo at the top a bit smaller to make everything sit a bit better – it looks like it’s almost sitting on the word waste. Also, you have a typo in your fact


  2. (oops accidently pressed post) a typo in your fact about 44.3% of food waste – you wrote whic instead of which. Other than those small things this is super informative! Awesome job 🙂


  3. The colour scheme os really great! Goes perfectly with what this infographic is about which makes it so much more effective, i really like how on the right side there are some really nice brighter colours that come out in these darker earthy colours, i think it might be really hard to but maybe see if you can add some of those colours into the left side as well?
    I like all of it!
    The only constructive criticism i could give you is the title, i really like the font but maybe have a play around with the positioning? Just so it cuts out that space created at the top but otherwise this is looking really cool and i can’t wait to see it finished!


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