My five top comments are below.

Hiya! I love your idea for your infographic, and I think the steps that you have mentioned are great, easy ways that everyone can help to save the planet. I also like the idea of the hand grasping the Earth as it symbolises that we play a part in the building and destroying of our Earth. I wonder however if you need to have each symbol within the circle? It could give the Earth symbol more emphasis and draw the viewers attention if only the Earth had the hand/circle. Just an idea! I can’t wait to see your finished product!

Hey Caitlin! I love the progress you are making with your infographic design. The choice of lighter colours for the background makes the rest of the items really ‘pop’ to the viewer. I definatly agree that A4 is quite small as I am struggling to fit everything in as well! I think you should keep true to the foods colours as that will make them recognisable to the viewer. I would however be careful of the spacing of your foods around the blender. I’m not sure how many ingredients you intend to have, but less could be more as you don’t want to look too crammed, especially after adding text! Anyways, looking good!

Hiya! I really like your layout and think that it ties into your concept really well! I also think that your vector drawings have been done really well. Reading the text, it definitely meets the criteria for a “how to” concept so you’re on the right track! The only thing that the diamond doesn’t look centered to me. It could just be my eye playing tricks on me, but also the lines within the background I think make it look off-centered. Something to think about anyways! Can’t wait to see it finished!

Hiya! I really like your idea and layout! It is very visually appealing and captures the main concept of your infographic well! In terms of colour schemes, I like the first and last ones most. I almost like the black on best as from a photography point of view, this can tie into the use of dark rooms, the use of positive and negative space etc. The dark blue however is visually appealing as well! I also like the title “Components of Exposure” best as I think it bring out the “How to” element! I would make the text of the title all one size, or emphasise the word ‘exposure’ to get this point across! Other than that, you’re going really well! Great job!

Hiya! Wow I love your colour scheme! It is really eye catching and visually appealing to the viewer! As well as this, your vector drawings have been constructed well and convey your ideas well. Just one thing – Are you intending to add text to the cost part? I realise this is a WIP so you will be adding to it, but currently the statistics of 60%, 30% and 10% don’t mean anything without some back-up information so perhaps you could add some! Also, along the bottom i looking a bit empty in comparison to the top. Perhaps your could spread some of the information down within your current layout to make it look a bit more balanced! Looking great though, can’t wait to see it finished!


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