My infographic is “How to recycle food waste” which I showed through “How to create a compost bin.” My intended communication objective was to show the viewer how to recycle their food waste, as well as to understand the importance of food recycling due to the high wastage of food in New Zealand. I did this through creating two layers in my infographic – one with data about how much we waste, and the second layer being the “How to” component which was based around creating a compost bin.

Through what we learnt in tutorials, I was able to create my inforgaphic via Adobe Illustrator. The use of the pen tool was vital in my creation as I had to make many vector drawings. In some cases, I used royalty free images to trace around with the pen tool in order to create realistic vector drawings. As well as this, I was able to use the direct selection tool to manipulate the anchor points after I had drawn these images. By being able to manipulate each anchor point individually, it helped me to smooth out any mistakes I had made.

The use of grouping objects and vector drawing together was very helpful in this project as it allowed me to move drawings with separate parts as a whole. Therefore, if I needed to restructure the layout, our move objects slightly here or there, it was done with ease.

The use of colour and gradient really helped me in this project as I was firstly able to create a cohesive colour scheme, but also able to create realistic objects. Firstly, having an understanding of colour and shading helped me to chose two main colours – brown and green – and then simply use different shades of these two colours for my whole design in order to not overwhelm the eye. Further to this, the use of gradient and shading was helpful when creating objects such as the leaf, banana, apple, worm etc. The ability to manipulate the colours and opacity of the gradient within an object allowed me to bring an element of realism to my vector drawings.

Overall, I am happy with both my A4 and A8 infographic designs. I had never even heard of Adobe Illustrator before this assignment and I feel that I have been able to build up many skills with this software. As well as this, I have been able to put together a design which communicates the idea of “How to recycle food waste” via a compost bin.


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